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Pharos helps you with your need of visibility.
More than simple translators, we will help you all along your international journey. In Europe, you can give us your international market project. From abroad, we will give you our best advices and expertise to launch your project in Europe.

At Pharos, we believe that your needs require adapted solutions: to your budget, your expectations, your questions. This is why each request is studied carefully, and we are able to offer a face to face, a study, a proposal, a solution. We will accompany you until the result.

But why us?

Free translation softwares on the internet are numerous, but the margin of error too. Just a look at #googletranslationfail to see the extent of the damage. In addition to certifying that all our translators are human, we are the only ones who offer you translation's packs.


  • #01: VIDEO GAMES

    With 6 years of expertise in the video game industry in China for the European market. We offer a professional translation of all your video games: Mobile Games, Social Games, RPG, MMORPG, Strategy Games. What else? We offer you the opportunity to take care of your community internationally.

    We can translate your IOS or Android Apps on a simple request with a subscription option for updates

    We can translate all your network channels, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and others. We also offer the community management of these.
  • #04: WEBSITE

    We can translate and adapt your websites for a beautiful entry into the international market.
  • #05: TOURISM

    Bike Rental, Boat, ...
    Travel agency
    Small business
    Leisure Park
    Rental agency
  • #06: CONSEIL

    We offer you real advice before you go abroad. Respect for socio-cultural authenticity, market potential, legislation, economic / political situation.


Pharos is a brand new company created in 2019 by Leonora Galletti and Danièle de Vals. After years of expatriation in China, we are coming back in Europe to offer you our expertise.

The company was born from a simple problem that everyone could meet one day or another. "I don’t understand this language"

Whether it’s on a trip, playing a video game, shopping, using software or trying to read a manual. Not understanding a language leads to a lot of problems.

From a personal point of view we fled from several restaurants, hotel, tourist attraction when these could not provide translation, even simple. From there we decided to create our company to full-fill this lack, and would like to help every companies, businesses, and person who'd need a multi-language services.

Discover new possibilities.

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